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Trading Your Addictions for Creativity:  
How to be a More Productive Writer/Artist


Full-Day Workshop


Saturday, October 21, 2017


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Tuition: $190​​


Helen Bradley's Playful Art Studio in Reseda, CA 

(Address will be given upon registration.)


If you would like to explore if this workshop is for you,

you can email me and ask your questions or

we can schedule a time to talk at john@johnjhruby.com.



"I am a painter and I realized this is applicable to all addictions and I see clearly how I can
use my creativity to stop one particular addiction - and doing it consciously -
creativity is nurturing and joyful. Thank you."


(See More Testimonials Below ...)


You’re invited to a full-day of empowerment hosted by USM Grad & author of Space Spiders on Prom Day (now on Amazon as a paperback and ebook).


John J. Hruby has been a Writing & Creativity Coach since 2005 and has presented at ScriptFest, Scriptwriters Network, and the L.A. Mastery Group.

John wrote and self-published, Space Spiders on Prom Day while working a full-time job, having a full-time wife and two full-time children. If you attend this full-day workshop, you’ll get a boost of inspiration, enthusiasm, and insight as he shares how he created the time and energy to follow his soul’s calling – so you can create more too.

Trading Your Addictions for Creativity:  
How to be a More Productive Writer/Artist


10:00 am to 5:00 pm, you’ll have the opportunity to learn …


  • How to set yourself up for success

  • How to use your addictions as a reward

  • How to redefine discipline (so it propels you into action)

  • How to shift “commitment” into “routine” and why this matters

  • How to de-energize old habits/patterns (everyday addictions)

  • How to energize your writing and/or other creative endeavors

  • Why shame & guilt are optional & how to let them go

  • How to "step into" & "own" being a creator

  • True stories about writers and artists that will energize you AND give you clarity about your next steps

  • Also includes: Q & A, individual processes, closed-eye meditation & more 








To view the 2-hour workshop presentation, scroll down to
the bottom of the page.


Due to the fact this was a Facebook page live video, the video is a little blurry,
but the audio is great.

Below are more testimonials from workshop participants.


"I got a tremendous amount from the diagrams and the flow of the presentation. Excellent use of analogies."

"The abundant info & practical suggestions. You are enjoyable to listen to and relatable."

"Preparing and setting myself up for success. I had always blocked out big chunks of time and then got distracted. I realized I'd never set myself up for success!"

"Charming presentation - I enjoyed all of it - nice flow - I'm visual so the graphics were nice - well done."

"Enjoyed your humor, lightness, and directness. Found the 3 levels valuable as a frame work of understanding what happens when I trade addictions for creativity."

"I liked how you brought in how you've used this in your life and your coaching client stories."

"I really enjoyed John's humor & his really cool authentic delivery. All the material was valuable, very real + rational + organized + methodical + fun + informative."

"Very insightful and relatable discussion about reasons behind addictions. Really enjoyed this presentation, John. I'm glad I attended!"

"Being ready for my creativity - setting myself up for success. My creativity is a gift back into the world - Oh, and I LOVED the understanding of it's not the addiction - but the consequence of it."

"I enjoyed your presentation style/skills/personality!"


"The advice wasn't shame based or guilt inducing. I also loved replacing the word "commitment" with "routine."

"I really enjoyed the whole thing. I found all of it valuable, helpful, realistic and useful."

"I love the energy you bring, the content and how the concepts and ideas were presented."