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Create Now!

with John J. Hruby


10:00 am - 4:00 pm (pst)

Meal Break: Noon-1:00 pm


Tuition: $175


Limited to 12 participants

Zoom Workshop Experience


Create Now!


There comes a time in life when we realize we WANT MORE. Getting wrapped up in distractions and procrastination is not as rewarding as we thought. Many of us – myself included - gave it our best shot. Binge-watching, overeating, overworking, too much TV, gaming, social media, & surfing the web. They all seemed like really good ideas – and now we want more.


Create Now! is a half-day workshop that gives participants the opportunity to experience the joy and empowerment of their creativity.

You will have the opportunity to experience the:


  • Joy of your creativity

  • Joy of connecting more with your heart’s desire

  • Amazing fact that you’re 100% unique and therefore your creativity is 100% unique

  • Permission to enjoy, experience, celebrate, and share your creativity

  • Clarity that it’s really important for you to be creative – right now – for yourself, your loved ones, and the world (seriously)

  • Understanding & Support from the group – and a technique for tapping into this Positive Support going forward – at any time – so you can continue enjoying your creativity


You will have the opportunity to let go of the:


  • Judgments that you're not creative

  • Ideas that being creative is not worthwhile or valuable

  • Judgments that being creative or artistic is a waste of time

Listen, our parents probably did not show us the joy of creating.


Yes, most of them took care of us—to a pretty high level. But where was the joy and adventure of creating? Where was the possibility of creating our lives in magnificent ways?


Our parents weren’t bad or wrong. They just didn’t know. Or, perhaps they forced us to be creative.  And … that didn’t work so well.


And, let’s face it, most of our society would rather sell us something that promises joy & satisfaction than to show us how to tap into our own creativity – with a joy-filled approach - that naturally brings us inspiration, happiness, and empowerment.


Join us for Create Now!


John J. Hruby, M.A. is an author and coach. He discovered the power of creativity when he wrote his epic action-adventure romance novel, Space Spiders on Prom Day. He realized he became a better version of himself when he tapped into his creativity. Why? Because he had more fun and joy in his life - because he was creating and tapping into his heart & soul energies.


Now he assists others with doing this. His clients experience empowerment and change their lives for the better, as they experience and live more creatively.

John started “Let’s Create Tuesday!” to remind and give others the joyful experience of tapping into their positive creative energy again (or for many, the first time).

Below are more testimonials from other workshops.


"I got a tremendous amount from the diagrams and the flow of the presentation. Excellent use of analogies."

"The abundant info & practical suggestions. You are enjoyable to listen to and relatable."

"Preparing and setting myself up for success. I had always blocked out big chunks of time and then got distracted. I realized I'd never set myself up for success!"

"Charming presentation - I enjoyed all of it - nice flow - I'm visual so the graphics were nice - well done."

"Enjoyed your humor, lightness, and directness."

"I liked how you brought in how you've used this in your life and your coaching client stories."

"I really enjoyed John's humor & his really cool authentic delivery. All the material was valuable, very real + rational + organized + methodical + fun + informative."

"Very insightful and relatable discussion about reasons behind addictions. Really enjoyed this presentation, John. I'm glad I attended!"

"Being ready for my creativity - setting myself up for success. My creativity is a gift back into the world."

"I enjoyed your presentation style/skills/personality!"


"The advice wasn't shame-based or guilt-inducing. I also loved replacing the word "commitment" with "routine."

"I really enjoyed the whole thing. I found all of it valuable, helpful, realistic, and useful."

"I love the energy you bring, the content, and how the concepts and ideas were presented."

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