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Author Support Coaching

What if I told you ...

There is a way to enjoy writing & the adventure of creating.

You can have fun writing, and it doesn't have to feel hard.

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I am an author. 

I've written screenplays and I'm writing my second book.

I know what it takes to sit down & write.​

It's not always easy ...

But, I can help you remember what it feels like to make writing FUN again. 

Mentoring Writers with Writing ...

     Sometimes I work with writers with story structure. I love plot and character development. I also work with writers with thier non-fiction business books & memoirs (Note: There are Story & Character Arcs in non-fiction too).  


     I coach writers and help them with creating time and energy to write.  I love writing and I love teaching others how to ENJOY writing (novels, memoirs, non-fiction) rather than making writing a "should" or a "have to." I'm serious, about this. There is a way to enjoy writing and the adventure of creating. You can have fun writing.

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Author Support:

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