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6-Week Online EFT Tapping Class


Relieving Stress, Experiencing More Peace and Calm, & Creating New Possibilities


Developed in 1995 by Gary Craig, EFT tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a self-administered therapeutic technique that combines elements from ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.


Tapping is often referred to as a stress-relief tool that eases common conditions like anxiety, frustration, depression, and feeling “stuck,” as well as more severe mental health concerns like post-traumatic stress disorder.

People now practice Tapping both in clinical settings and at home. And, to be honest, everywhere.


Participants have told me they have used Tapping at family gatherings, at work, on Zoom calls, and while shopping to relieve stress, “come back into balance," and experience more peace and calm.

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Relieving Stress,

Experiencing More Peace and Calm,

& Creating New Possibilities


6- Week EFT Tapping Class


Classes will be Recorded

(Note: Tapping Sessions will be sent to each participant

in case you need to miss a class and so you can

Tap Again with guidance)



Participants will have the Opportunity

to Create their Own Tapping Script

over the 6-Weeks

Intention for Each Class

Relieve Stress, Get us Unstuck, Experience More Peace and Calm, and Create New Possibilities

& Opportunities in the Most Important Areas of Our Lives.

(See below for the Focus of each Class)


Class #1

Tapping into Inspiration

Our Creativity

Class #2

Courage to Live Our Goals

& Dreams

Class #3

Shifting to More Positive Self-Talk,

Acceptance & Appreciation


Class #4

Increasing Health and Taking Action to

Support Ourselves

Class #5

Enjoying, Developing, and

Attracting Relationships

Class #6

Experiencing More Abundance

Financial Success


Are You Ready to Feel Better &

Create New Possibilities


6-Week EFT Tapping Class

with John Hruby

Classes will be Recorded.

(Participants are Encouraged to Attend Alive.)



Participants will have the Opportunity

to Create their Own Tapping Script over the

6-Week Class

For More Info or if You Have Questions

Please contact John directly:


Mobile: (310) 966-7285

"Different isn't always better.


But the only way to better is to do something different."

Dale Dauten

Experiments Never Fail

"I anticipate another really powerful and empowering 6-Week Class.

Here are a few powerful stories from Tapping participants:

One participant turned off her camera (which is 100% fine). She later told me she did this because she "cried for the entire time." She said it was an amazing and free experience. 

One participant told me that after tapping with us, he "got it". He tapped the "karate chop point" — which is on the hand — while visiting his family. They never noticed he was tapping and he said this really helped to remain calm, relaxed, and centered so he could actually enjoy his family visit.

One participant shared that the worry and the stress she was holding in her body was gone. That the deep level of peace she felt reminded her of completing a really good yoga class.

One participant shared he tapped when he was nervous when faced with a really big pitch opportunity. This calmed him down and he was able to prepare and present at a very high level. Two weeks later ... his company signed his big opportunity.

Other participants have shared they have successfully tapped and experienced more peace and calm while standing in front of the refrigerator, watching the news, waking in the morning, when winding down at night, before writing, etc.

Each EFT Tapping Session shifts us into greater Peace, Acceptance, and Creativity. And, we have found that a "deepening" usually happens after 3-Weeks of Tapping.


I believe this 6-Week Tapping Class will be a really magnificent way

to More Peace & Calm and Create New Possibilities for Ourselves in 2021!"

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John Hruby, M.A. is an author & professional coach. He has been working with individuals and groups since 2005, assisting his clients with creating more of what they really want. For More Client Testimonials.

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