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"Getting coached by John Hruby has been powerful and transformative for me. In our work together, I feel deeply listened to, supported, and challenged in the most wonderful ways. It has led me to helpful awareness that has impacted my choices, and his calm, pragmatic optimism and gentle guidance has helped me tap deeper into my creative juices. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with John and benefit from his wisdom."


Julie Torgovitskaya Rapoport

President of iCadenza & CEO of Cadenza Artists Management


“John was exactly the coach I needed in my transition from a Zen monastery to the everyday world of relationships. My partner noticed the results we created and was very pleased with how I began showing up with her. I also learned how to finally be friends with men. Even making distinctions between my social vs. professional self were improved. I was amazed at the distance we covered in our 6 months together. John’s your coach if you’re looking to find acceptance, clarity, and power as a man.”

Alex Mill

Author, Meditation and Reinventing Yourself

“John Hruby is an alchemist and his course is a live experiment of transformation. The best part is his base materials are already within us--our lives, our flaws, our strengths, our weaknesses, our addictions, our dreams. We don't need to search for willpower or answers or earn rewards with "good" behavior. With John's radically refreshing philosophy and practical steps, we start right where we are accepting our addictions and using them for direction, as rewards, for our greater good. And almost like magic, we begin to transform, which spurs us on for more transformation as we learn to be our own best alchemists--just by being ourselves.”

Angela Renkowski



“John Hruby is an alchemist in the truest sense of the word: someone who knows how to turn base metals into GOLD. Whatever you struggle with as a writer – distractions, being blocked, lack of time, boredom, etc. - John will show you how to mine the powerful creative energy hidden within those experiences, extract it, and use it to supercharge your writing. A seminar with John is like a showing of the award-winning film Casablanca – you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll know you got to see something really special.”


Toby Estler, M.A.

Author, Running Home

“Before the I started the course, I felt sick of the stagnation, sick of talking about next steps and not doing them. Sick of watching Netflix, playing video games and overeating to numb out vs going after what I really want. I have wanted to write, change my practice, create workshops, products, etc. Been talking about it for years and needed support to get it started. Main challenges I felt were overwhelm - my life was already full to bursting, doing more (even if it would ultimately make my life a lot easier) felt burdensome. I also realized I needed to set boundaries on the use of my time and energy to make space for replenishment and creativity.

I’ve discovered taking small steps into my creativity is energizing and not depleting. Overall its been fun and not burdensome. My addictions bring me less joy and being creative brings me more. I'm learning how to slow down and really relax so my tank can refill. Then I find the desire to create naturally bubbles up. There is a moment before launching into the addiction where I now ask myself what need am I trying to fill with this? That gap sometimes enables me to choose differently and take an action step or fill the need in a healthier way.”


Jeremiah Krieger, Lac, MTOM

Acupuncture & Herbology



“Through my work with John I got really clear on the story I was telling myself that was holding me back and together we smashed through it. John is constantly asking questions that calls me forward to look at my blind spots and helps me question my thought patterns. He's a great combo of practical approaches to action and inner reflection. This has allowed me to step more boldly into new projects that I was hesitant to embrace before. If you are looking to move ahead in business, creativity or life, John is a forceful coach to have by your side as you step into new frontiers.”


Nipper Sorensen


"I worked with John and attended one of his Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment workshops years ago. I found it to be extremely practical and insightful - and delivered with genuine, generous good sense of humor. I rarely take notes, and even more rarely actually refer to them later, but in this case I found myself writing down a bunch. And, I even referred back to them off and on for quite a while. John’s coaching helped me see that patterns that were pulling me away from my creativity, which allowed me to both have more compassion for myself and become more committed to starving my addictions and feeding my creativity. John does a great job of making wisdom practical and actionable. I highly recommend his material to anyone looking to leverage themselves out of old patterns into new levels of creativity and expression"


Abe Kmetovic

Software Developer



“John is witty, endlessly patient and a true master at overcoming resistance. You can't get anything by this guy! During my time working with John, I learned so much about how to follow my curiosity, have fun and trust the creative process. I was able to reconnect with my deep love for writing, and in doing so opened myself up to receive more inspiration than I ever imagined. I can't thank John enough for the role he played in my creative process. He helped me get out of my own way. Thank you, John!”


Karen K. Scott


“I read John’s screenplay story structure ebook thinking I would get some insights into how to adapt my novel into a screenplay. What I got was a lot more than that. I realized that John’s coaching goes beyond just writing screenplays, but to the whole field of creative writing as well! His insights into “structure not formula” are about the process of storytelling, regardless of the genre or media. His coaching has helped me up the level my writing, and his hints about coping with addictions and distractions has been of tremendous assistance in helping me reconnect with the greatest joy in my life: writing.”
James Philip Cox
The Rose of Camelot


“John isn’t simply a writing coach. He is a Writing Archangel disguised as a hilarious and wonderful human. With a brush of his magic, my pen was unable to stop writing, editing carried on for days upon days, and I hit an impossible deadlines with my official editor. Post my time with John I stumbled across chapters I had forgotten, took on the mighty task of writing summaries for an 8-book series, and had the overwhelmingly fun sensation that I was suddenly JK Rowling cranking out epic heroic spiritual adventures. Nothing else except writing seems to matter at the moment. I might need another coach to drag me back to bills, the gym, and household chores but for now I am relishing time feeling like a mad scientist buried under a mountain of creativity and bliss. Thank you John!”

Joanne Mennon


"When I first started working with John, my porn and gaming addiction was taking up literally about 75% of my free time.  I was surfing for porn or playing computer games for about 15 hours a day on the weekends, and not doing anything productive or creative.  It was clear that my addiction was dominating my life, and my 'free time' wasn't very rewarding.  I was just numb. With John's guidance, I began to get back in touch with those things that left me feeling more alive and more fulfilled. Together, we up-leveled my addiction to the things that gave me real pleasure.  For me, it is writing and creating characters.  My need for porn and games quickly diminished.  It wasn't about giving up my addiction, but about connecting to something that had real value for me.  Thank you, John for your support, caring, and clarity, and for actually making the process fun." 


Anonymous Male #1


“John, You are so sweet and I am so lucky to have you as a writing coach and “therapist” all rolled into one. Talk to you Monday and have a great weekend.”


“After years of using a variety of substances, porn was sort of a last frontier for me. My first session with John was like turning a light on in a pitch-black room. Suddenly I was able to see my behavior around porn in a new way. With his non-judgmental coaching, I completely shifted my own usage. I went from daily watching to completely forgetting about porn for weeks at a time. That’s how powerful a shift I had thanks to John’s wise counsel.”



“Relief. The greatest gift I have received in working with John Hruby has been relief! I am so freakin' relieved to no longer feel enslaved to my cravings for porn. I'd been attempting to free myself from this addiction for years and John's approach has been totally liberating, non-judgmental and totally out of the box. In this moment, I truly have no fear, shame, or resistance that if the craving for porn were to come that I would somehow be subject to it or at its mercy. Actually, in the same way, that thinking about eating a tub of ice cream doesn't really make me feel good, the thought of watching porn for hours makes me feel a kind of sickness inside. And it isn't because watching porn is bad or wrong, it's because I've really realized what it does to me, how it will make me feel and there are so many other things that make me feel way more alive and happy. THANK YOU JOHN!”


"Before I started coaching with John, I’d been smoking marijuana for 20 years. It had grown from a weekend accompaniment with friends to a solitary practice that began as soon as I woke in the morning and lasted until I passed out at night.

"I was embarrassed of how much time I spent thinking about pot, even when I was out doing something that should be fun.

"I was appalled at how much money I spent on pot and knew there were other, better things I could do with those funds. I was spending more than $500 a month.

"My sleep was not restorative, I binged on unhealthy food at night, further disrupting my sleep and digestion. I poured thousands of dollars into working with nutritionists and whole-body healers to help my digestion and lousy sleep, but never told them I smoked marijuana because I knew they would tell me to stop.

"The stress of an unsatisfying job and the disappointment of many personal relationships just made me unhappy and made life seem like “too much.”

"I didn’t think I could live without pot."

(Click here to read M.K's complete success story.)

M.K. (A woman in her late 40's.)


"When I first started working with John, my porn and gaming addiction was taking up literally about 75% of my free time. I was surfing for porn or playing computer games for about 15 hours a day on the weekends, and not doing anything productive or creative. It was clear that my addiction was dominating my life, and my 'free time' wasn't very rewarding. I was just numb.

"With John's guidance, I began to get back in touch with those things that left me feeling more alive and more fulfilled. Together, we up-leveled my addiction to the things that gave me real pleasure. My need for porn and games quickly diminished. It wasn't about giving up my addiction, but about connecting to something that had real value for me. Thank you, John, for your support, caring, and clarity, and for actually making the process fun."

R. J.


"As the wife of a recovering person, I am so impressed by how much love and hope John gives in his spellbinding material. His approach is sincere, frank and even touched with a refreshing sense of humor. Families and friends will have as much to gain from this as people with a problem."

A.E. in Barrington, IL.

"John Hruby is a terrific resource for screenwriters, and not just for his indispensable story structure insight. His advice is generous, even prescriptive. I’ve been a successful television writer, as well as a paid writer for other media. In every medium, though, structure proved to be fundamental. Before tackling my first screenplay, I read screenwriter books by some of the big names. John gets Structure and is able to explain it (and give clear examples from other movies) with wonderful clarity. Structure can support the story I want to tell.  Structure is what guides one sequence (group of scenes) to the next, from the beginning of a movie to the end. Besides helping you find where your story needs reinforcement, his own enthusiasm for good writing reawakens the creativity so often dulled by assiduous editing."
Fred Knipe
Four-time Emmy Award Television Writer


Space Spiders on Prom Day is a fast-paced romp of a story that communicates life-affirming messages in the midst of fun-filled gore and mayhem. John Hruby has captured a modern teen vibe and an edgy voice in Chevy that YA readers will enjoy.”


Dayna Dunbar, author The Saints and Sinners of Okay County: A Novel


"John Hruby is a gift to the world of addiction recovery. His work is so touching, funny, heartfelt and street smart that anyone interested in freedom will benefit from his material. As a recovering addict myself, I can honestly say I've never seen a sweeter, more graceful program for finding your way back into the light."

Steve Chandler
Author, The Story of You


“John Hruby's Space Spiders on Prom Day is a wild and wacky, action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless yet screaming for more. Suspend your reality so you can dive into the creative genius of Hruby's mind and enjoy the frolicking twists and turns, side-by-side with a small group of teenage adrenaline junkies as they try and save the earth from giant Space Spiders. Fighting these eight-legged creatures is far more scary than killer robots in a mall. Great fun on every page.”


Nick Segal, actor Chopping Mall


"Space Spiders on Prom Day was a fun romp through the mind of Chevy, our hero to be as we edge closer to an impending invasion of aliens from the moon. It's Catcher in the Rye meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets Aliens."

Chris Gebo

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