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Join John J. Hruby as he explores how to be more creative and productive with Steve Chandler on one of Steve’s podcast.


Steve Chandler is known as America’s notoriously unorthodox personal growth guru who has helped thousands of people transform their lives and businesses. Steve gives us a choice: either continue to think of ourselves as a victim, or take ownership of our lives and extend our possibilities in limitless directions.


Steve and John have “exchanged witty banter” with each other for over a decade. Their conversations often include — even if it’s just for a moment here and there — “deep and soulful observations” about empowerment and creativity. Listeners have said their conversations are a really good mix of fun, high energy, and meaning.


The first “Creativity & Addiction” podcast starts with a conversation on how we can set ourselves up for success. John created and tested all of these strategies on himself when he decided to write a book. John had a full-time job, was (and is still) married, and had two young children while he wrote his first novel, Space Spiders on Prom Day. How’d he do it? He did it by “trading” some of his “everyday addictions” such as binge-watching, surfing the web, Facebook-ing, and playing video games for “creativity.” For John, creativity is writing (and rewriting).


Steve and John had so much fun and the first podcast was so successful that Steve asked John to record “Part 2.” In the second podcast, John shares more of his “Trading Your Additions for Creativity” coaching so listeners have more strategies to get what they really want.


Steve’s transformational success coaching, public speaking, and business consulting have been used by CEOs, top professionals, major universities, and over 30 of the Fortune 500 companies. Visit for Steve's blog, eBooks, and MP3 audio downloads.

Addiction & Creativity Part 1Steve Chandler & John Hruby
Addiction & Creativity Part 2Steve Chandler & John Hruby
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