Trading Your Addictions for
Creativity & Empowerment

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Do You Need Relief from Procrastination & Distractions?


TV, Facebook, Gaming, Surfing-the-Web, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Instagram, the News, etc.


Hour after hour.


Day after day.


Decade after decade?


Does it feel like you're pulled from one distraction to the next, but never really getting what you want?


Are you ready to be done with procrastination and guilt?


Do you have a heart's dream that's been calling you?  Do you have a project you started or want to start, but don't work on?


Do you continue to “should yourself” and try to “make yourself” live differently?  But you keep coming back to the same distractions?


What about your Life's purpose?  Is it really OK if you ignore it for another 5 or 10 years?  How will that make you feel?


What about your relationships?  Are they suffering every day you “don't go for it?”  What are you teaching your kids?


What about your health?  Are you feeling washed-out?  Do you want to feel vibrant and strong?

Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment

Coaching & Online Course



Experience the freedom to create.


De-energize old habits while learning how to energize your creativity – so you're “pulled” into positive action.


Feel strong and vibrant.


Create positive habits that assist you to live the life you truly want.


Experience creativity as a fun adventure.


Experience empowerment as you change and create new, joyful possibilities for yourself in different areas of your life.


Smile more often.  Soar.  Shine.

Trading Your Addictions for
Creativity & Empowerment


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About John J. Hruby


I was a writer who was not writing.


And then I started Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment.


I have a wife and two kids and a dog.  I wrote my first novel while having all of these wonderful, awesome responsibilities AND a full-time job.


I learned how to be more creative and more productive NOT from a place of “I should be” or “I have to,” but rather from the realization that as I use more of my time to create (and for me this meant writing, because I’m a writer) then I actually became a better husband, a better father, and when I had a full-time job, happier at work and a better employee.  Why?  Because I was fulfilled (filled-full with positive, creative energy) because I was creating.


As I lived more of my heart's dreams and life’s purpose, my life transformed and I experienced true empowerment and creative freedom.  And, I've seen this happen with my coaching clients.


What does creative freedom mean?  To me, this means the freedom to create individual projects, as well as the ability and willingness to create new possibilities for my life that I have been coaching men and women since 2005, helping them to let go of old habits and patterns and use more of their time and energy creating what “matters most to them.”


John J. Hruby's Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment Timeline


  • Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Moved to Los Angeles and worked in film and TV production.

  • Earned a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, & Healing.

  • Created Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment in 2000.

  • Started coaching men and women in 2005.

  • Recorded his podcast with Steve Chandler called, “Addiction & Creativity.

  • Wrote his first epic novel, Space Spiders on Prom Day. (Available in paperback and ebook.)

  • Launched his Trading Your Addictions for Creativity & Empowerment online course in 2019.




“Through my work with John I got really clear on the story I was telling myself that was holding me back and together we smashed through it. John is constantly asking questions that call me forward to look at my blind spots and helps me question my thought patterns. He's a great combo of practical approaches to action and inner reflection. This has allowed me to step more boldly into new projects that I was hesitant to embrace before. If you are looking to move ahead in business, creativity or life, John is a forceful coach to have by your side as you step into new frontiers.”


Nipper Sorensen

John Hruby is an alchemist and his course is a live experiment of transformation. The best part is his base materials are already within us--our lives, our flaws, our strengths, our weaknesses, our addictions, our dreams. We don't need to search for willpower or answers or earn rewards with "good" behavior. With John's radically refreshing philosophy and practical steps, we start right where we are accepting our addictions and using them for direction, as rewards, for our greater good. And almost like magic, we begin to transform, which spurs us on for more transformation as we learn to be our own best alchemists--just by being ourselves.


Angela Renkowski

“John isn’t simply a writing coach. He is a Writing Archangel disguised as a hilarious and wonderful human. With a brush of his magic, my pen was unable to stop writing, editing carried on for days upon days, and I hit impossible deadlines with my official editor. Post my time with John I stumbled across chapters I had forgotten, took on the mighty task of writing summaries for an 8-book series, and had the overwhelmingly fun sensation that I was suddenly JK Rowling cranking out epic heroic spiritual adventures. Nothing else except writing seems to matter at the moment. I might need another coach to drag me back to bills, the gym, and household chores but for now, I am relishing time feeling like a mad scientist buried under a mountain of creativity and bliss.

Thank you John!”

Joanne Mennon

“John Hruby’s material is refreshing, specifically I like how he doesn’t speak clinical speak. He gives options and hope in a very human way. He also discerns pleasure from happiness in a way, that by itself, increases self-awareness. He’s like, “Let’s look at that.  How about trying this.” No judgment. His consciousness is what brings healing.”


Jim Michael

Marriage, Family Therapist



“John’s calm and encouraging presence has been the difference between doing nothing and doing something. His capacity in understanding the struggle of the artist makes his approach in working with me feel so organic – it is as if I have grown without the usual self-punishment I am used to getting from myself or anywhere. This is why, in essence, he has been life-changing; he as recognized me and my greatness, encouraged it, and now I am on a path that truly seems limitless. I am even surprised I feel this way, but thanks to John, I do.  Thank you, John.”

Samantha W.



"In the week after attending John’s workshop, I completely redesigned, rewrote, and re-launched my website, secured a private practice internship with my ideal supervisor, received four direct referrals, and also won two copywriting contracts. Financially, it has already paid for itself three times over. I directly attribute this fuller opening to my creative flow to the coaching, practical tools, and support I received from John as well as the input from the other men in the workshop.”


Toby Estler

Marriage & Family Therapist

Author, Running Home



“John is witty, endlessly patient and a true master at overcoming resistance. You can't get anything by this guy! During my time working with John, I learned so much about how to follow my curiosity, have fun and trust the creative process. I was able to reconnect with my deep love for writing, and in doing so opened myself up to receive more inspiration than I ever imagined. I can't thank John enough for the role he played in my creative process. He helped me get out of my own way.”


Karen S.

Professional Coach



“John's coaching has helped me up the level my writing, and his hints about coping with addictions and distractions have been of tremendous assistance in helping me reconnect with the greatest joy in my life: writing.”
James Philip Cox
Author, The Rose of Camelot



"Getting coached by John Hruby has been powerful and transformative for me. In our work together, I feel deeply listened to, supported, and challenged in the most wonderful ways. It has led me to helpful awareness that has impacted my choices, and his calm, pragmatic optimism and gentle guidance have helped me tap deeper into my creative juices. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with John and benefit from his wisdom."


Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport

Cadenza Artists, LLC



“Thanks very much for holding space for the group several weeks ago. It was a terrific gathering and experience to explore and share about our respective experiences. In addition, your courage and leadership, and availability in being a source of support and visibility are tremendous. Thank you.”





"As the wife of a recovering person, I am so impressed by how much love and hope John gives in his spellbinding material. His approach is sincere, frank and even touched with a refreshing sense of humor. Families and friends will have as much to gain from this as people with a problem."

A.E. in Barrington, IL



Relief. The greatest gift I have received in working with John Hruby has been a relief! I am so freakin' relieved to no longer feel enslaved to my cravings for porn. I'd been attempting to free myself from this addiction for years and John's approach has been totally liberating, non-judgmental and totally out of the box. In this moment, I truly have no fear, shame, or resistance that if the craving for porn were to come that I would somehow be subject to it or at its mercy. Actually, in the same way, that thinking about eating a tub of ice cream doesn't really make me feel good, the thought of watching porn for hours makes me feel a kind of sickness inside. And it isn't because watching porn is bad or wrong, it's because I've really realized what it does to me, how it will make me feel and there are so many other things that make me feel way more alive and happy. THANK YOU JOHN


Male Anonymous (early 40's)



"John Hruby is a gift to the world of addiction recovery. His work is so touching, funny, heartfelt and street smart that anyone interested in freedom will benefit from his material. As a recovering addict myself, I can honestly say I've never seen a sweeter, more graceful program for finding your way back into the light."

Steve Chandler
Author, The Story of You and Creator

"When I first started working with John, my porn and gaming addiction were taking up literally about 75% of my free time. I was surfing for porn or playing computer games for about 15 hours a day on the weekends, and not doing anything productive or creative. It was clear that my addiction was dominating my life, and my 'free time' wasn't very rewarding. I was just numb.


"With John's guidance, I began to get back in touch with those things that left me feeling more alive and more fulfilled. Together, we up-leveled my addiction to the things that gave me real pleasure. My need for porn and games quickly diminished. It wasn't about giving up my addiction, but about connecting to something that had real value for me. Thank you, John, for your support, caring, and clarity, and for actually making the process fun."


R. J.

“For years I've dreamt about writing two books. The words and concepts have been floating around in my head, simply taking up space. John's provocative Trading Your Addictions for Creativity workshop inspired and motivated me to start one of my books. I'm so excited about writing now! Thank you, John, for assisting me in bringing one of my dreams to fruition.”

J.E., Divorce Coach



“After years of using a variety of substances, porn was sort of a last frontier for me. My first session with John was like turning a light on in a pitch-black room.  Suddenly I was able to see my behavior around porn in a new way. With his non-judgmental coaching, I completely shifted my own usage. I went from daily watching to completely forgetting about porn for weeks at a time. That’s how powerful a shift I had thanks to John’s wise counsel.”






Other Men’s comments after working with John Hruby  


“Exploring what was behind the porn was revelatory for me.”


“Good balance of serious conversation and humor to lighten the mood.”


“…porn isn’t about porn, it’s about an unfilled need that is specific to all of us.”


“Creativity, power, and leadership are in the shadow. Thanks so much, John! Some great tools. I love your understanding of the topic and the solution!”


“…bringing my awareness to the present, to what I really want. Also, what’s going on in me when the addictions surface.”


“Twas great. Funny. Nice stories relating back to the presenter, knowing he’s walked in my shoes.”


“Thank you! I look forward to working with you again.”


“It’s great to have a more overt, empowered conversation.”


“Loved it, because it gives me an experience to draw from to make more conscious choices.”


“Thanks again for last night, John. Insightful and empowering for me.”







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