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Most High School Seniors Enjoy Prom.  These guys just want to survive it.


"Space Spiders on Prom Day is extremely clever

and begging to be a kick-ass, laugh-a-minute,

sci-fi romp of a feature film."


John Huckert, screenwriter of the cult classic, DinoCroc

Could You use a little more Action, Adventure, & Romance in your life?
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GREAT GUILTY PLEASURE! This is both touching and hilarious . . . ”

~Steve Chandler, author, Crazy Good

STORYTELLING AT ITS BEST - CLEVER, EXCITING AND HILARIOUS with a knack for keeping you reading well past bedtime. With vivid and memorable characters you root for every step of the way, ..."

~Paul Regnier, author, Space Drifters series

“John Hruby is MASTERFUL IN THE ART OF LANGUAGE, opening a visceral pathway through the power of his storytelling. It is beautifully written infused with a layer of humor and uncanny wit. It TOUCHES THE SOUL, opening us to the wisdom of our hearts.”

~Jody Vehr, author, Just Hit Send: A Journey to Freedom

CHEEKY HIGH SCHOOLERS must battle an invasion of 16-foot tall, hungry space spiders that eat people. John Hruby's HILARIOUS BOOK NEVER STOPS MOVING.”

~Dan Acre, screenwriter, Shakedown


WILD AND WACKY, ACTION-PACKED adventure that will leave you breathless yet screaming for more. Suspend your reality so you can dive into the creative genius of Hruby's mind and enjoy the frolicking twists and turns, side-by-side with a small group of TEENAGE ADRENALINE JUNKIES as they try and save the earth from giant Space Spiders. Fighting these eight-legged creatures is far MORE SCARY THAN KILLER ROBOTS IN A MALL. Great fun on every page.”

~ Nick Segal, actor, Chopping Mall

GIANT SPIDERS from space, MISSILE LAUNCHERS, people running around in their underwear, the APOCALYPSE and ROMANCE. Oh, the horror of high school and Prom Gone Bad! Fantastic! The BEST NOVEL written about prom since the 21st Century began.”

~Jsu Garcia, actor, Nightmare on Elm Street


“Just like my baby brother to write a WACKY SCI-FI STORY about Space Spiders interspersed with great world philosophy. John has always been the member of our family who thinks OUTSIDE THE BOX – and I mean OUTSIDE the box . . . ”

~Patty Hruby, older sister


A FAST-PACED ROMP OF A STORY that communicates life affirming messages in the midst of FUN-FILLED GORE and MAYHEM. Hruby captures a modern teen vibe and an edgy voice in Chevy ...”

~Dayna Dunbar, author, The Saints and Sinners

of Okay County: The Novel

(Back Cover)

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