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It's Time to Make Creativity & Writing Fun Again

Let's Create Tuesday!

"Let's Create Tuesday!" (LCT!) is a positive and empowering weekly online group and is the Core of the 3-Month Creativity Challenge.


We start each Tuesday by acknowledging our Individuality & our Creativity.


(And, it's OK if you don't think you're Creative. Check out Debi's video - 2nd video down. She had a dream project that she had been "thinking about" for over a decade but she thought she wasn't creative. When she joined Let's Create Tuesday!, she felt like a "creative fraud." Now she's on her way & feeling good. This can be YOU too. Watch the video for more.)


Every Tuesday evening we get inspired. We have a way of "leaving the day behind" so we can connect to our Inspiration & Creative Insight.

Then ... in the middle of our time together ... we Create.

Participants paint, write novels/memoirs/poetry, play guitar or piano, dance, tye-dye, draw, etc..


Members start new projects and rekindle old creative flames. Sometimes members use the “positive group energy” to complete work projects that they're not too jazzed about. Others "explore their creativity" trying new things. There are many Creative Possibilities. 

We then share creative wins, ask questions and get support.


John has been assisting men and women with creating more of what they truly want for over 15 years. Success Stories & Testimonials


LCT! members receive an email with a "Reconnect Quick Thursday" video. These short videos are made with the same positive energy of our Tuesday time together. These videos are made with the intention to keep us connected to our inspiration and creativity ... to assist us with being creative throughout the week.

1. Is there a creative dream or goal you've been thinking about for a while?


2. Have you started an important and meaningful project that you'd really like to complete ... that could make a difference in your life and the lives of others?


3. Are you not sure if you're creative, but you hope you are?


Let's Create Tuesday! is a great place to explore and embrace your creativity, and get support as you build a creative habit. The 3-Month Creativity Challenge is a powerful way to commit to our creativity and start building positive creative habits.

Many have found, their Creative Energy starts building NOW ... while reading these words and watching these videos.

Enjoy the anticipation. If you haven't watched the videos yet, we encourage you to watch them ... to get a glimpse of what's available for you.

"Let's Create Tuesday!" Online Creativity Group

with John J. Hruby, Author & Coach

75-Min Online Zoom Group on Tuesdays

(some say it's the best day of the week)


Let's Create Tuesday! evenings include:


"How to Connect with Your Creativity" Coaching

Dedicated Time to be Creative

Tips & Techniques for Building Your Creative Habit

Connection Time Between Members

(We don't have to do this alone.)

Positive Approach toward Creating

Celebrating the Joy & Adventure of Creativity


"How to Increase Your Productivity" Coaching

First to Learn about New Events

REPLAY VIDEO sent to you if you need to miss an evening


Thursday Reconnect Quick Video - Inspirational Video sent weekly to Reconnect YOU with your Creativity during the week

"Let's Create Tuesday! propelled me beyond my doubt into the joy of creativity. It wasn't until John suggested I check out Let's Create Tuesday!, that I discovered the wealth of creativity that I already had. I began my novel in the second month of joining. Not only is Let’s Create Tuesday! a great activator for writers, but it has proven to me to be a great support vehicle. I look forward to those 45-magic minutes of weekly "create time" where I write totally focused yet with the active support of other creative people. I am now tuning into my creativity and I’ve started writing every day. I just completed the 5th chapter and it really feels like this novel is writing itself. Let’s Create Tuesday! is the place to be if YOU want to learn to live your creativity."




Why the 3-Month Creativity Challenge?

I've been coaching for over 15 years. I have found that when someone is connecting (or re-connecting) to their creativity the first two "Creative habit-forming bench-marks" are 6-weeks & 2 1/2 Months.

The 6-week Creative Breakthrough is often FELT as, "Hey, you know what? I enjoy being creative." I've seen clients surprise themselves as they realize (and remember) this.

The 2 1/2-Month Creative Breakthrough is often SEEN & FELT. What do I mean? The person actually starts to feel happier and more empowered. Why? Because they're taking their rightful role as a Creator. And, they often feel like they are 'in on a secret.' What secret?


The secret is, "Creativity connects us to heart and soul ... and this has the potential to make ALL areas of my life better."


Participants often SEE an increase in their productivity. They start creating in between Tuesdays - not because they "should" or "have to" - but because they realize they ENJOY creating. A Creative Habit starts to be experienced for many at this time. We also call this "A Creative Way of Living."

How would your life be different if you tapped into your heart, soul, and creativity ... on a regular basis?


What new possibilities might open up for you if you experienced creative joy? Would you snack as much? Would you fight as much? Might you even sleep better at night?



We've got a great group of people participating. Some have just joined, some have been creating with us for the last 6-months, some for over a year.


If you'd like to be considered for membership, email me and answer these three questions:

1. What Creativity are you up to?


(Writing, painting, drawing, designing an online course, playing music, something different.)

2. Are you starting something new ... or are you re-connecting to your Creativity?

a. If you're starting ... why now? What is calling or urging you to be Creative now?

b. If you're reconnecting ... what have you Created in the past? Why did you stop? What will happen if you reconnect with your Creativity? How will your life be better?

3. How do you see Let's Create Tuesday! assisting you with living creatively and manifesting your dreams and goals?

Serious inquiries only.

Email or Text me your answers.

(310) 966 - 7285

3-Month Creativity Challenge
Let's Create Tuesday! Membership

$129 for 3 Months

(12 weeks)


Let's Do This!


I'm ready to start. I'm ready to reconnect with my Creativity.


I'm ready to ENJOY life more.


I request you consider me for the 3-Month Creativity Challenge & the 3-Month savings.


Thank you for the savings of $42 dollars.  I appreciate it.

I look forward to the opportunity of building my Creative Habit with you and the other participants.


I am open to Creativity being fun. I am open to adventure.

See the Grey Box above for info on how to Qualify & Request membership.

1-Month Let's Give It A Try!
Let's Create Tuesday!

$57 for 1 Month

(4 weeks)

I'm Ready to Check This Out!


I'm ready to discover for myself why men and women are joining to "get unstuck" and move beyond procrastination and distractions.


I'm ready to be inspired, have more fun, and create a Creativity Habit.

I'm ready to not do this alone.

I'm ready to connect with like-minded and like-hearted creative people.

I'm ready to live the creative life that has been Calling me.

I'm ready to have more fun and be more productive.


See the Grey Box above for info on how to Qualify & Request membership.

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