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Author & Creativity Coach

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Hi, I'm John

     I coach professionals and business owners with bringing creativity and courage to the office. What do they really want to create? What is standing in their way? Why are they stuck? How can they overcome resistance and procrastination and experience more focus and joy (yes, I dare say joy) in the workplace for their own benefit, the benefit of their team, and for the benefit of their company/business.

     I coach writers and other creatives. What can I do to "get out of my own way" and allow the creativity to flow. What judgments do I need to let go of? How do I set myself up for success? How do I start, continue, and complete my projects? I have presented at the Bright Light Film Festival, ScriptFest, The Great American Pitchfest, Scriptwriters Network, and the L.A. Mastery Group.

     My first epic novel, Space Spiders on Prom Day is an action-adventure, romance, thriller. And, it's even more than that. It's an empowerment, self-help book wrapped-up in outrageousness. Men, women, and teens are reading it for fun and coming away positively changed. How can I remain positive and continue to take action even against overwhelming odds ... even when prom is threatened? Oh, the insanity. Space Spiders on Prom Day is available on Amazon. You can read the first chapter here.


     I live with my really fantastic wife and two awesome kids in Los Angeles. I am grateful for their support, fun, and good times.

- John J. Hruby

My Mission is to inspire and assist others in remembering that it's fun to be creative

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