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Why is Creativity so important?

I believe the whole world will be a better place in 4.3 days if every human being on the planet did something creative for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

This is the starting point.

This changes lives for the better.

This is possible for you.

I’ve seen witnessed this shift in many people's lives.

Experience the freedom to create.

Creativity is More Important than Food & Water.


It's a bold statement. I know.

A LOT of people argue with me at first. Maybe you're even thinking that I'm wrong.

Let's get into this.

The human BODY needs food and water. This is REALLY important. Without proper nutrition and clean water we don't think well and we'll perish.

So how can Creativity be more important?

I know you're not suppose to answer a question with a question ... but we're going to do it anyway.

How many people do you know, who are getting enough food and water who are NOT engaged and happy in life?

I see it ALL the time. I've been coaching since 2005.

When we're NOT Creating the Life we truly want to live we are NOT tapped into our heart, our soul, and our spirit. And, we certainly don't experience ourselves as empowered.

But I have called myself "not creative" and NOT made time to be creative.


I got so wrapped up in "making a living" and "taking care of others" that I have ignored my creative impluses. "I've got more important things to do!" I declared and put my creativity on the "back burner."

I thought I was being grown up ... and in a way I was.


Many "grown ups" stop being Creative.


Without Creativity we're not truly living. We're not really being and sharing OURSELVES ... and that's painful.

So, let's change. it. 

I invite you contact me and we'll talk about possibilities.

Let's get started.

If you're feeling ready to dive in, I invite you to setup a call with me and we can discuss your situation 1:1 to see if any of these programs are a good fit for you.

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Any of this sound interesting?

Let's talk.

I'm happy to setup a discovery call to get to know eachother and see if any of my coaching programs are a good fit for you.

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